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Pet Behaviour Problems Solved and Dog Training Offered


The team at Pets in Practise provide professional help to resolve your pet’s problem behaviour and offer dog training in Berkshire and the surrounding area. Pets in Practise offers behaviour consultations for cats and dogs, training workshops, behaviour talks and 1-2-1 dog / puppy training.


Does your Dog:

  • Pull on the lead or fail to come when called?
  • Jump up on greeting or excessively bark?
  • Act destructively in the home or soil indoors?
  • Dig holes and destroy gardens?
  • Show aggression to people or other dogs?
  • Chase cars, children, cats or horses?

Does your Cat:

  • Show aggression to people?
  • Show aggression to other cats?
  • Eliminate or scent mark indoors?
  • Scratch furniture?
  • Not use the litter tray?
  • Keep you awake at night?

Behaviour and Training Consultations

Are you looking for a qualified and fully accredited pet behaviourist or dog trainer to help with your pet's problem behaviour or improve their training? If yes, click here to read this article so you can ensure you get the best possible behavioural help you and your pet deserve and then call the professionals in!

Additional Information

Nicole has a BSc (Hons) Degree in Applied Animal Behaviour via Portsmouth University. She has been a qualified and registered Veterinary Nurse for nearly twenty years, provided puppy socialisation classes for twelve years and over the past five years gained an ESPVS Nurse Certificate in Animal Behaviour and a COAPE Diploma in the Practical Aspects of Companion Animal Training and Behaviour. The combination of a behaviour degree, her veterinary nursing background and owning a dog with severe behavioural issues ensures Nicole is well equipped to deal with all feline and canine behaviour problems.

With such a highly qualified pet behaviour counsellor you can be guaranteed a first class professional service from Pets in Practise.

Please contact us at Pets in Practise via our contact page if you would like more details.


Why you should use us

What you can expect from the team at Pets in Practise




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A huge debt of gratitude

08-02-2013 Hits:149537 Testimonials Super User

I first used Pets in Practise just over a year ago, when we needed to obtain high quality 'reward based' puppy training for the new addition to our family - Bo.   Bo is a Northern Inuit cross, whose role in our lives was primarily as a companion to our 5 year old son, Josh.  Josh had been diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome 6 months previously, and we had heard that dogs make very good companions for children on the autism spectrum.  Indeed, we discovered that Dogs for the Disabled...

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The ideal pet trainer

08-02-2013 Hits:144259 Testimonials Super User

At Sunninghill Veterinary Centre we like to ensure a pet’s general well-being is good.  This means not only diagnosing and treating illness, but making sure a pet fits in well with their human family and enjoys their daily activities. In Kris we have found the ideal pet trainer and behaviourist.  She is sympathetic and understanding of an owner’s needs, whilst having great empathy with the pets. Many of our clients have attended Kris’ training classes or had one to one...

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A competent and caring behaviourist

08-02-2013 Hits:137358 Testimonials Super User

‘We recommend Kris to clients with new puppies as well as rescue dogs as a first stop to get advice on training and socialisation. We find her caring, professional and thorough approach is appreciated by all. We also refer our problem dogs to Kris, and find her thorough and practical approach is very well received. The client reports are always tailored to the individual case – with consideration of both the dog as well as the individual owners. It reflects...

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Compassionate, gentle and very knowledga…

08-02-2013 Hits:129886 Testimonials Super User

Ted became part of our family around 18months ago with so many problems I wouldn’t know where to begin. One of the biggest problems was taking him out for walks.  He was utterly out of control. Dogs, people, children, vans, postmen, joggers, cyclists…….you get the picture.  Another was welcoming guests in to the home. Nightmare. I was recommended Kris Glover, by a local vet, as someone who could help me re train Ted and do so with compassion and kindness. Kris arrived...

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We have referred several behaviour cases…

08-02-2013 Hits:139360 Testimonials Super User

As a practice, we have referred several behaviour cases to Kris and have felt completely confident in her capability and professional knowledge. We receive full printed reports on her consultation with the client and also on the recommended treatment for the pet. We referred our first cases to Kris based on other veterinary recommendations but had not met her. However after meeting her we were even more certain we had chosen the right behaviourist! Her enthusiasm, extensive knowledge and total commitment...

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Kris has shown great dedication to her w…

28-01-2013 Hits:140096 Testimonials Super User

Kris has been working with us since September 2005. In appointing Kris as our Behaviour Consultant and Puppy Class Coordinator, we chose her over and above three other well qualified candidates. We needed to trust and be comfortable with her methods, her people skills and above all, her empathy with our patients. It continues to be important that we feel confidence in referring our clients to her.  We are happy to say that Kris has shown great dedication to her...

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Anna showed us the way

28-01-2013 Hits:40657 Testimonials Super User

Introducing kittens to the dogs: We had previously had a cat before, and while our younger dog, Milo, had been good with our cat from a puppy, our collie cross, Podge had issues with the cat. This was a lot to do with Spider  the cat being so timid and running away, which would just trigger Podge’s chase instinct and we had to keep them separated because Spider would get too stressed. We lost Spider 2 years ago and really...

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Enthusiastic, sympathetic and helpful

28-01-2013 Hits:143992 Testimonials Super User

Kris Glover of Pets in Practise has been our approved behavioural therapist for some time now.  Kris is always enthusiastic, sympathetic and helpful.  She believes in compassionate management of behavioural disorders, which suits our own philosophy.  She provides an efficient service for clients and the practice, and achieves excellent results.  Her communication with client and practice is first class, ensuring that we are kept fully in the loop and involved in all aspects of the management when appropriate. Kris runs...

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Nicole Crooks RVN, BSc(Hons), DipCABT, NCert(AnBeh)

Mobile: 07843 559441
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